The Neuron

We require more and more unique minds to solve the problems and take care of the exponentially growing issues to be taken care of. Will it not be the ultimate solution if we could use all the experience from the unique minds with the capability of combining them, testing them and comparing the results with real Worl evidence in 1/10th of a blink of an eye?

The Brain

A unique fascinating organic computer but it takes years if not generations for augmented performance where we need the solutions NOW, yet with thousands of known and unknown dependencies weaknesses and biasses.

    • World population is 7.8 Billion as of today78%
    • Over 3.5 Billion people do not have access to essential healthcare35%
    • 4% of global population migrates internationally for essential care and resources 4%
    • 5 Billion passengers boarded by the airline industry in 201940%
    • 2.4 Billion passengers boarded by the airline industry during 2020 pandemic24%

Resources are not enough to get along with the current health care problems nor pandemics

Despite the fact that the burden of disease for communicable diseases and environment based diseases are increasing rapidly, critical healthcare personnel deficiency is increasing.

Under treatments, over treatments, over-prescription, mistakes in care, mistakes in health care planning and policies increasing exponentially, whereas the strength of critical medical personnel, capability and capacity is decreasing due to global overload.

Yet we all live on the same planet...

Current Problems & Our Solutions

As a result of rapid progress in many fields now the world is struggling with complex problems. We require hyperparameter, hyper task capable, analytic, and decision support systems with super fast detection even to understand what kind of problems we do have. More to find solutions we are not able to visualise yet.


Is not a thing to store in bulk quantities as we got used to in the past, but a responsive raw material which purifies and refines every second to form multilayer data fabrics.

The New Era

Is where we are aware of any situation, causes, correlations which we know or haven’t thought before...


We will feel secure, be secure and focus on the fascinating unique aptitudes which make us human.

All the rest will just look as good as we design.


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