Project: Heimdall

With Project: Heimdall, as a patient identification project, we offer much more effective solutions for early detection of rare diseases.

As 70% of these diseases start to show symptoms during childhood, early detection can be life-changing.

Rare Diseases

Diseases known as “Rare Diseases” or “Orphan Diseases” such as Fabry, Gaucher etc. are more common than you might think.
A recent study indicates that over 300 million people globally live with a rare disease. That is around 4% of an estimated world population of 7.5 billion.


The Team


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Sun4Tech is firmly anchored in advanced analytics, with a core emphasis on patient identification for rare diseases and the development of differential diagnostic algorithms. We also specialise in generating real-world evidence for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, serving as a foundation for pharmacoeconomics and risk-scoring model analytics to provide additional solutions for our partners. 

Our expertise extends to the creation of mobile remote diagnostic platforms. Further along our spectrum, we have dedicated time and effort to research, development, and prototyping in telemedicine, with the goal of enhancing healthcare accessibility and efficiency while ensuring that health data recording remains free from human bias.

    • World population is 7.8 Billion as of today78%
    • Over 3.5 Billion people do not have access to essential healthcare35%
    • 4% of global population migrates internationally for essential care and resources 4%
    • Acute onset of cardiovascular problems will increase 6 to 10 fold within the next 10 years due to late COVID19 effects.40%
    • 2.4 Billion passengers boarded by the airline industry during 2020 pandemic24%
    • Due to environmental changes, on top of all existing health issues, new presentations of chronic and acute healthcare problems will be seen in 2/3 of the world.66%

Resources are not enough to get along with the current health care problems nor pandemics

Despite the fact that the burden of disease for communicable diseases and environment based diseases are increasing rapidly, critical healthcare personnel deficiency is increasing.

Under treatments, over treatments, over-prescription, mistakes in care, mistakes in health care planning and policies increasing exponentially, whereas the strength of critical medical personnel, capability and capacity is decreasing due to global overload.

As COVID19 pandemic revealed; current resource, control, monitoring and treatment capabilities of the governments are merely enough for 10% of their citizens where as policies are barely consistent with such new incidents. Hospitalisation of billions or conventional treatments were never an option and never will be.

Current Problems & Our Solutions

As a result of rapid progress in many fields now the world is struggling with complex problems. We require hyperparameter, hyper task capable, analytic, and decision support systems with super fast detection even to understand what kind of problems we do have. More to find solutions we are not able to visualise yet.

Project: MimirX

Our Project: MimirX is a remote health diagnostics platform, focused on usage in aviation, military, refugees, and all mobile areas.

The New Era

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